2011 Aston Martin Cygnet Launch Editions now available

For all those car lovers out there or who keep themselves updated with the happenings of the automobile world it must be a known fact that getting an Aston Martin Cygnet for yourself is certainly not an easy task. The same task becomes impossible unless you are a proud owner of any other Aston Martin model including Rapide or One-77. If you are lucky enough to own a Rapide you can get your hands on the Cygnet in no time. The ‘very’ lucky first set of customers will get an option to choose a shade of white or black for the special Launch Edition. For all those hardcore Aston Martin fans we do think that this Launch Edition will be a very priced possession.

The two editions of Cygnet will be offered by the British auto makers with an option of standard manual or with a CVT automated transmission system. But each of the editions will be produced for a limited amount of time. Obviously you’d expect a launch edition from Aston Martin to be a limited edition one. There is also a privilege to choose from a set of unique materials and a set of colors to get the interiors of the car designed like you’ve exactly imagined. Both the editions of the car will be offered with a bespoke Bill Amberg five-piece luggage set that will have a hold all, a removable door pocket bag, a glove box bag, garment bag and a collapsible tote bag as well. Hence for all those lucky ones we hope you enjoy both the editions to the fullest.

Source: topspeed

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