2011 BMW 5-Series exterior and interior spy shots

2011 BMW 5-SeriesNext-generation 5er has been spotted again with less disguise, also we get to see the interior design which looks like a mix between the new 7-Series and recently launched 5-Series GT.

Compared to the current model it looks more luxurious with higher quality materials and lots of gadgets.

On one of the photos we also get to see a new gear shifter, that in the pictured 550i is expected to feature the 8-speed automatic DCT transmission. Steering wheel looks like the one from the new 7-Series with lots of buttons.

When it comes to size, it is about 10 cm longer than the current model, but thanks to lightweight materials weight should stay the same.

Engine choices will include the usual 6-cylinder diesels and gasoline units. Top of the line(besides M5) 550i will use a twin turbo V8.

There are rumors that entry level model might get a turbocharged 4-cylinder gasoline engine and an ActiveHybrid system from the X6 and new 7-Series is also on the table.

New 5-Series is expected to make its world debut in the first quarter of 2010.

3 Replies to “2011 BMW 5-Series exterior and interior spy shots”

  1. “With higher quality materials and lots of gadgets” And you figured that out from the camouflaged pics? You must have superman x-ray vision

  2. @Alain

    Take a close look at the interior shots again and then look at the current 5er interior(if you havent).

    And it is no secret that the new 5-series comes with more electronic features/gadgets than the current model.

  3. It looks a lot sleeker and not as muscular as the current one. Lets hope they don’t mess up the whole look with ugly headlights like MB did with the new E-Class.

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