2012 BMW 1-Series Hatchback caught testing

Latest spy shots of the 1-Series hatchback from BMW have been received. Though BMW just mentions release of a smaller model with front wheel drive it is yet to be seen if the company would keep the 1 Series name to the car or give it some other new name conforming to the C-segment or the 2-Series.

The codename of the car is F20 and its launch is expected in late 2011. It would incorporate the new and softer design language that BMW is now talking or giving the market as well as have a more pronounced front grille. There is also a major work that has been carried out to the interior of the car as the spy shots show. There is the most noticeable feature of the center console being slightly tilted towards the driver

For power, BMW have announced that the car would be getting a hybrid engine. This would be the default set up not only for this car but all other BMW cars of the 1-Series and 3-Series models as well as its upcoming FWD supermini. This was declared by BMW themselves.

The engine choice would not be restricted to just one type but rather spread over the option of having a four-cylinder and perhaps even three-cylinder turbocharged gasoline units. There are also chances that the six-cylinder engines would be carried over more or less unchanged from the current model.

The spy shots also indicate that the model would be coming to the market in a three door design and five-door hatchback body-styles. The Coupe and Convertible versions of the car is expected to make into the scene a while later.

Source: carscoop

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