2012 BMW 3 Series F30 Shows Its Exterior And Interior in Sierra Nevada [Spy Video]

The 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show is almost here and as we get closer to it, new video footage and press images hit the ‘net. The 2012 BMW F30 3-series was once againg caught undiguised and we’re here to show you the first spy video of this car. The latest video of what BMW is likely bringing to the event, the next-generation 3-Series, captures the car’s exterior and interior while testing in Spain.

Following the photos released two week ago, this video reveals some new details. We can see a very handsome and evolutionary design for the new model with its front which appears sporty yet elegant and its headlights which seems to be sleeker and smaller compared to the F20 1-series. In addition, the rear clearly shows a family resemblance to the F10 5-series, yet the rearlights are somewhat different at the outer edges to make for a unique look.

As expected, the design of the new BMW 3-Series appears to follow an evolutionary path blending the shape of the current model with styling elements from the new BMWs and especially the latest 5-Series.

The new F30 come as 328i and 335i models. The 328i will be powered by the ‘N20′ turbo 4-cylinder inline engine, and the 335i by a turbo 6-cylinder inline motor. This video presents a diesel which has a start/stop system and is limited to 210 kph (130 mph) for test purposes.

“Like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, Citroën and SsangYong were testing their newest cars in the Sierra Nevada (Spain) that day. This video also contains a test version of the Aston Martin DBS (evolution rather than revolution?) and two uncamouflaged Citroëns DS5,” said StigSpielberg, the YouTube user who published this video.

The production of the 2012 BMW F30 3-series starts in November 2011. This model will run until June 2012, upon which point it will switch to the 2013 Model Year. Sales will begin in Europe around the time of its world public premiere at the 2011 Geneva show – in March, 2012. US sales should begin next Spring.

So far now details about pricing were released, but rumor say that the new car will have a starting price under $50,000. Until new details will be released, stay tuned. Until then you can check out our video below and share your opinions about this new model. For our previous spy shots, click here.

Source: YouTube user StigSpielberg

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