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5 Ways To Ensure A Private Vehicle Sale Is Legit

We’ve all heard the horror stories of unfortunate guys (and girls) that ended up buying a stolen car or a written-off old banger that underwent a surface revamp. Today’s scammers are very inventive and they manage to successfully masquerade dodgy motors as legit. Whether buying or selling, you do need to have your wits about you when dealing with people you don’t know, and with that in mind, here are a few ways that you can protect yourself when buying or selling a car privately.

  1. Buying A Used Car From A Private Seller – If you are meeting the seller at their home or place of business, take a friend with you. It is never a good idea to meet a stranger when alone, regardless of the situation and if you are carrying a lot of cash, having a companion makes sense. If you are taking the car for a drive, the seller would probably want to take a photo of your driving licence, or maybe they would prefer to come along for the ride.
  1. Selling An Old Car – If you are selling an older vehicle, check out the online cash for cars Sydney dealer, for example, to get an idea on the amount of money you would get in exchange for your old car. Through Google, find dealers near you and see who will offer you a good price for your vehicle. Once an agreement is reached, they will transfer the money into your account and arrange a time to collect the car and the paperwork, and that’s pretty much it! This type of business recycles old cars, stripping them of all reusable components, which are overhauled and sold to car owners; the chassis is sent to the crusher to be recycled.
  1. Arranging A Private Viewing – If you are going to meet a potential buyer, make sure this occurs in a busy place and when making an appointment online or on the phone, ask how many people will be attending. If you are meeting someone, make sure that you are not alone; there are some crazy people out there and sometimes, people use the pretence of buying or selling a car to meet with victims.
  1. Check The Vehicle Documentation – Of course, you should carefully inspect vehicle documentation, to ensure it is genuine. If you are buying and don’t have much motoring experience, take a friend with you – someone who understands the buying and selling of cars. Your friend can help ensure that all is legit and above board. You can check the vehicle registration online to make sure that the vehicle matches the data, which would include the current registered owner.
  1. Registered Car Removal Companies – If your car has seen better days and is nearing the end of its life, call one of the car-for-cash companies that can be found online. They offer top prices and once a deal is reached, they transfer the money into your account and arrange for collection.

    We should all take precautions in this day and age, especially when meeting with strangers involving a car purchase or sale and bearing the above in mind, we hope that your transaction goes smoothly and you are happy with the outcome.

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