ADV.1 wheels for the Ferrari F430

Some cars don’t need any tuning package to be attached to their make and name; they are by design and original making itself one perfect item. One of the cars that fit this list of cars is the Ferrari F430. There is the phrase through of ‘there is always room for improvement”. Holds true for the garage that contains this car within it. Room for some tuning package would sure be found within that garage yet.

This car could do and has been done with the best of wheels that is available in the market today. The ADV.1 wheel makers are the best in the market today and they have made these wheels with Super Deep Concave rims and it fits the Ferrari F430 like gloves to hand. There are two options based on finish of the wheels that are available. There is the Brushed gunmetal lip with glass clear and Matte brushed titanium center. Each gives a new look to the Ferrari in its snug garage space.

Source: topspeed

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