October 28, 2020

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    Bentley Motors has taken vehicle modification to new heights.

    7 buyers of a special edition $298,000 Bentley Continental GT Speed not just received a coordinating watch, however went on a suspenseful trip with the Breitling aerobatic jet team.

    Bentley’s Mulliner group last year released the Continental GT Speed Breitling Jet Team Series, which is a design mashup in between Bentley, Swiss watchmaker Breitling, and the Breitling-sponsored jet group that carries out at air shows around the nation.

    Each of the seven vehicles, influenced by the seven jets on the team, has a silver-over-gray paint job and Breitling’s trademark Pantone yellow accents inside and out. Each took a year to develop.

    The automobile was provided to Simonian at the Boeing Seafair Air Show in Seattle, arranged on the tarmac with the Breitling jets. Before driving off in his car, Simonian wore an air travel fit and helmet and delighted in a 30-minute joy ride in a jet-team airplane, often reaching 500 mph.

    He also obtained a $10,000 limited-edition Breitling timepiece. Apart from all that Simonian stated something good about his new Bentley.

    “Today, it’s about being original and being unique.” And “Only six other people in the world will be owning the same car that I do. It’s nice, driving down the street, not watching 50 other cars that look same as yours.”

    This report was originally published by CNBC.


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