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BMW to showcase four models at Frankfurt, including the revolutionary i3

Its busy time right now at BMW as they prepare their car line up for the Frankfurt Motor Show scheduled to kick off this September. The news is that, they are coming up with four world premiers: the M5, the M3 GTS sedan, the redesigned 1-Series, and the i3. So if travelling to Germany is on the cards for you, make sure that you stop in Frankfurt so that you do not miss out on all the action which is in store.

While the debuts of the M5, the M3 GTS sedan, the redesigned 1-Series does not pack in much of a surprise, the i3 will definitely be the showstopper. Unfortunately, it will just be a prototype, but it will give us a picture of what the production version will be like when its ready for an expected launch towards 2013. According to BMW, the i3 is destined to be the world’s first volume-produced vehicle which will have a passenger cell that is made from carbon. The car will come with an electric motor which will give an output of about 150 HP and a top speed of 100 mph. It is also said that the i3 will have a range of about 160 miles before requiring a re-charge.

Source: topspeed

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