Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Venet announced

Check out the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Venet!

A true master piece indeed! Bugatti teamed up with the renowned French artist Bernar Venet for yet another special edition of the Veyron in Grand Sport guise. It is totally a piece of rolling art! the French Artist has left every admirer of the Bugatti awestruck! or should i say numb struck!

The Bugatti Grand Sport Venet, was created by Bernar Venet, and he already considered that there was no requirement for him to redesign the already beautiful car, but then eventually he turned up for the Bugatti’s engineering equations that led to the development of the Vyron Venet, for the Art Basel Miami Beach, which is going on as we speak. The numbers and functions were placed on the bodywork in such away that it appears they are being blown off the Grand Sport as it drives at speed. These equations are also stitched into the interior, and the finishing touches come in small replicas of Venet’s works on the oil cap, filler cap and the center console. Power comes from the familiar W16 8.0-liter turbo engine with 1,001 hp (746 kW) that ensures a top speed of 252 mph (405 km/h). With the roof off, top speed is limited to 224 mph (360 km/h), while with the temporary umbrella-like cloth roof it can reach only 81 mph (130 km/h).

Take a look at the stunning pictures and stay tuned for latest updates.

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