Detroit 2010: Revenge Verde Supercar Concept

This year’s Detroit Auto Show is quite boring with very little exciting on the floor as most exotic cars were previewed already last year.

One of the surprises you can see at this year’s show is a Revenge Verde Supercar concept by Revenge Designs. The concept is built by Roush Performance and features a carbon fiber body, aluminum chassis and three engine options.

First one is a 605 hp crate engine by Ford Racing, then there’s the 630 hp LS9 engine(found in the Corvette ZR1) and finally a hybrid V8 engine built by Ohio based HP2G.

This V8 runs on E85 coupled with an electric motor. Combined power output is 400 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque. Verde Design claims that the fuel milegage is over 100 mpg (2.2 l/100 km), which is very impressive and hopefully we can see them prove it in real life tests very soon.

0-60 mph is expected to be around 3-5 seconds depending on the engine and top speed over 200 mph. Prices start at $190,000 and if all goes as planned first cars should reach customers later this year.

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