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Dodge Viper Has Crashed on the Autobahn, Germany With Dramatic Consequences

This week-end starts with some bad news. Last week, near Wiesbaden, Germany on the Autobahn, a fatal accident happened. To be more precise, near the Wiesbadener Kreuz, an important intersection on the Autobahn which connects Frankfurt with Cologne and the Dutch border, a Dodge Viper with two people was involved in this tragic accident.

According to some local reports, the car belonging to a Dutch entrepreneur, together with a group op sports cars, was driving on the A3 towards Cologne, when the driver lost control of his powerful car and slammed into the median barrier. Considering that oncoming cars were hit by parts of the Viper, we could say that the impact was very powerful. As you can see in the picture above, the American sports car is almost completely detroyed – the roof was torn off, while almost nothing was left of the body of it.

Unfortunately, the crash ended with catastrophic consequences not only for the car, but also for the 48-year driver, who tragically lost his life in the crash, while the 50-year old passenger was seriously injured taken to the hospital by helicopter.

According to police report, they suspects the Viper was equipped with worn-off tires, the driver was driving to fast in rain and lost control.

Our sympathies go out to driver’s family and friends.

Source: bild.de via GTspirit

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