October 29, 2020

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    A primary observation is that emotion, when allowed to move freely, causes you to bounce, move a lot. The more you open up lower you’ll hit when reality strikes, this may be easily called the softer side of a person. So, you’d need to get the shims on your emotions too, thus stopping them from moving a lot, stable and bit stiff is what you’ll become with these emotion shims. That’s precisely what shims do! Do we need a brief recap of what shims are?

    Valving shims are rounded discs placed on your vehicle shocks that control your hydraulic suspension movement. Maintaining different levels of oil flow helps your vehicle’s suspension to move differently over various bumps on the road or off-road. These shims are the best example of how different levels of buffers could help you get the best ride, neither very bumpy nor too rigid. Isn’t it just how all of us want our life’s journey to go? So, who knows there’s something like a shock valving for our emotion as well, no outburst and just the right amount of damping – a good life just like a good ride! Well, we’re here to get you through the importance of valving shims, just found them necessary for emotions too. This is more of a question-answer session, so that you know this small part is quite an essential thing for you!

    What’s the need to get a shock valving shim?

    So, there’s something with shims that you’ll need them at all times, they are a part of your suspension system controlling its movement. What you can choose is the thickness of the shims according to your need, but these rings are permanently placed on your shocks. What we often miss and identify shims as a part of a vehicle only, as we did in the beginning. 

    This a general misconception – valving shims are a very integral part of getting the proper distancing and spacing between two components. So, you can find them in various industrial equipment. They are often used with both or any one of the following motives – for spacing (aforementioned) and/or to get the best shock absorbance. 

    Why does the shim’s thickness matter? What’s the standard order of placement?

    People often question how they locate shims on a stock suspension, let’s say bike suspensions. One way of determining is to take the suspension down and finding them because it’s often that user manuals don’t mention the shims on them. While there’s no particular way of getting the shims over the suspension, it’s from the thickest to the thinnest. 

    A thick valving shim is placed right where the suspension meets the top or lower bar and then gradually decreasing the thickness. This helps control the fluid flow, where the thinnest allows the fluid to flow easily allowing the suspension to contract until the thickest valving shim stops it from going any further and creating the opposite force.  

    Can you alter the number of shims placed on your vehicle? 

    Yes, for sure, you can! The question is, why should you? It’s just how you would want your ride to be or more accurate is where you want to ride! People often change the stock shim count to get better damping for different roads they might want to ride. The shims help them increase the height of the vehicle too, which is often the case with many off-roaders. From dirt bikes to large trucks, damping help them get the right suspension to increase grip and pressure on the tires and reduce the tilt as well. Tires can often hit the inner side of the mudguard and the packing when going at higher speeds, that’s where your shim stack will help you get the right height and avoiding the suspension from being to bouncy and the drive feel wobbly. 

    Why do they use valving shims in the industry? 

    With valving shims, you just know that they work as a spacer and damping medium to help to maintain balance and height. That’s where they are used in the industry. Valving shims are applied to heavyweight cargo to create space for lifters to enter underneath and life. Further, as to the stability, you can get the shims to be placed with heavy cargo (if suitable) to reduce the direct thus they make during the transportation. 

    This could work with cargo loaded on some kind of vehicle, too, where the shims can help reduce the shock of the bumps during transportation. 

    What exactly are valving shims made of? 

    Valving shims are made of various reinforced material – the reinforcing is used to make them strong enough for the best results under the immense pressure they have to handle. Highest grade steel hardened and tested to create valving shims to help them stand under the weight of the vehicles or the loads of what is placed over them. Shim shapes vary very minutely based on the type of suspension they are being placed on. Fork suspension shims are round too but are placed in a more professional way then the standard straight suspensions. Similarly, straight plate shims are located over other strap shocks often used in trucks. 

    That’s precisely how different valving shims work. 

    Emotions And Shims

    Returning to where we began, valving shims for your emotions is like the buffers to limit you from falling low and hitting your insides. Once you are on a bumpy track in your life, your emotional shims help you carry the load of the problems and keep you stable throughout the journey. You might witness a bit of bending when the weight hits the last shim, that’s when you will start rebounding and stabilizing your life. 

    It’s just simple hydraulics related to your life. 

    So, get the shims for your life, for your vehicle placed correctly, and use the correct shim width to get the precise height and damping to go through the road you choose for your journey. Remember, you can always want to alter the shim stack and let the suspension for your vehicle match the road surface. Before you go buy a new stack, you must always choose an expert to do the task for you instead of meddling with it yourself. 

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