How Do (Some) Tesla Drivers Spend Their Time Behind The Wheel?

Tesla’s autopilot feature has been in the tech news consistently since it was introduced back in 2014. Up until April, it had managed to transport drivers without many hiccups. Indeed, nothing happened that could be definitively pinned on the company’s autopilot system itself. But then in May the unthinkable happened. A Tesla driver was killed, and autopilot error caused the accident.

Granted, it was a freak accident. The man had been approaching a junction at the same time as a truck. But the truck was a high-roller, leaving a large gap underneath. The car’s autonomous system interpreted this as an overhead gantry. And so it just continued at full speed, before ploughing into the side of the truck. Now the media has been buzzing about what it all means for autonomous tech. And suddenly Tesla is in the lime-light.

But questions were being raised about how Tesla drivers spent their time behind the wheel, long before the incident in May. Tesla drivers are supposed to be ready to take over at any point while the autopilot is engaged. But many have taken to flouncing this recommendation. Videos posted on YouTube show people sleeping and even playing Jenga. According to one website, Tesla owners are the most likely of all car owners to be involved in accidents. Drink driving has been behind several serious incidents involving the Model S.

Tesla driving

Of course, this is exactly the sort of thing DWI lawyers, like Scheiner Law, warn about. Driving while impaired is a surefire way to land yourself in trouble with the law, regardless of autonomous tech.

The reason for all of this is because of a feature Tesla calls autopilot. Ironically, it’s a feature that’s designed to keep people safe. The company is very clear about how drivers should use the system. But since it’s been introduced, it’s clear that people don’t want to play by the rules. Many, if not most, Tesla owners like to prod and test their autopilot feature. It’s part of human nature. They want to see what it can do and what its limits are. None of this is helped by the fact that the people who drive Teslas are often those who yearn for the latest tech. Tesla is a brand that craves the future. And the future, according to its CEO, is autonomous. So what are they getting up to?

Sleeping While Driving

Recently, Tesla announced the new Model 3. And Musk himself suggested that that car would be the first genuine autonomous car on the market. But Tesla drivers don’t seem to want to wait. They want the future to arrive today so that the can game and do “no hands” all the time. What could be cooler than actually going to sleep on a journey, if it was safe to do so?

But right now, we don’t have the Model 3. And it’s not safe to sleep behind the wheel. But it’s exactly what Inside Edition did when they tested the autopilot feature. They’re lucky they didn’t get served a DWI.

Playing Cards

On YouTube recently, a couple posted a video showing them playing cards in their Tesla

Arm Wrestling

Finally, zerohedge reported a Tesla driver and passenger having an arm wrestling match. It has to be seen to be believed.

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