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How To Maximize Your Car Space For Long Road Trips

Vacation is fun and the most fun part for some people is to pack for it! It is exciting when you are imagining with your family and friends about what stuff you will take with you on the trip, and what will you do with all of that!

Many people spend days planning and packing for road trips in the car. And they sure are a fun way to explore around! But what would happen, if midway you realize that you have not enough storage space in your car?

No worries for you! 

Because we are here to tell you how to maximize space in your car, if you have a mid-sized vehicle!

Use Rolling Method:

If you are about to go on a long road trip, then you probably have a lot of clothes with you. When storing your clothes, roll them instead of folding them. Rolling the clothes saves up a lot of space.

Invest In Some Space Bags:

Get the inflatable space bags. You can simply push the air out of them and pack them in a compact shape again.

This is very helpful when you are out on a road trip. You can use space bags as winter blankets, soft pillows, or just something comfy to sit on in general. 

Roof Rack:

Invest in a good and sturdy roof rack from roof rack shop and store all you bigger bags over there to save space!

Utilize Every Corner In Your Carpossible:

Many cars have spaces under the seats, pockets behind the back of the car seats, and other spaces here and there that you can use, if you are creative enough. 

These spaces can be used to place the things that you are going to need again and again during travel time such as, paper bags, cups, and snacks.You can store your winter boots or summer slippers under the seat of your car, depending upon the season. You will thank us later.

Purchase Large Tub Storage Boxes:

The tub-shaped storage boxes are very helpful when traveling or on a road trip in your car. You can utilize them in a lot of smart ways. This will keep you organized, clean, and secure.

You can simply label each tub for a category and place those things related to the category inside. This will save you a lot of space and hassle during the road trip. If you do this, you will not lose track of your things, and you will always know where you have kept a certain thing.

For instance, you can have tubs with the following categories:

  1. Clothes tub
  2. Snacks Tub
  3. Cooking related items for camping
  4. Shoebox
  5. First-aid box

A 7-Day Bag:

Always keep a seven-day bag prepared at handy whenever you plan to go on a road trip. All you have to do is to fill a box with all seven days’ worth of your clothes, shoes, and other cosmetic products.

This will save you a lot of trouble and you will not have to unpack your huge duffle bag again and again!

So follow these tips on your next road trip and thank us later!

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