McLaren MP4-12C Crash and Production Delays

Update: The production line at McLaren has not stopped, but there are currently delivery delays whilst a software upgrade is developed and installed at the end of the line over the next couple of weeks that will resolve a number of software issues that some of the first customers have experienced. There are no issues ongoing with those listed (the door opening system, water ingress, brake hose, wiring connection inside the dash and the glass engine cover). The IRIS system is due to be completed in January. Customers are aware of the delays due to software and the IRIS upgrade status.

It is known that McLaren has delivered their very first MP4-12C customer cars, and that there has been a series of dissapointed people regarding quality control for these early cars.

Well, we can undesrtand the reason for which people were dissapointed, since an accident happened recently, with one of the McLaren MP4-12C, which either hasn’t been delivered yet to a customer, either was being tested, whih we figured out from the blue delivery tape and the plastic on the seats.
The crash happened near McLaren headquarters in Woking, UK, and it seems that the driver crashed into another car and landed in the fence and hedge row that we see in the photo. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the accident, but we believe that this isn’t good news for the autmaker.

On the same matter, it has been going around the rumour that he MP4-12C production line has been halted due to a number of faults that McLaren needs to rectify before delivering any more production ready vehicles, which include problems with the door opening system, the Iris entertainment system, the water ingress, brake hose, wiring connection inside the dash and the glass engine cover may be vulnerable to a falling out.

We sure hope that McLaren will be able tosolve all these issues, and thet we will not hear again about accidents like this one.

Source: GTSpirit

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