Polish People Buy Tom Hanks Iconic ‘Toddler’ Car

Tom Hanks iconic toddler car

The residents of a city in southern Poland have begun to buy the iconic communist era “toddler” car which was currently been popular because of U.S. Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks who shared a photograph of himself with this automobile on social media last year.

This popularity has emerged from this picture and the words posed by Tom Hanks on Twitter, “I got a new car! Hanx”. The photo resembles popular film star leaning on the tiny Fiat 126p car, known as the “toddler” in Poland and having a smile on his face.

While it is seemed like a fun, Monika Jaskolska, a resident of the city of Bielsko Biala, where the vehicle was produced from the 1970s, decided to send one of the toddler cars to Hanks. She also said that this post with Fiat 126p on the streets of Budapest has provoked her and has made her to acquaint hanks with the history of this toddler car, stories of the people who manufactured it, and the town where it was produced.

The Polish racing driver Rafal Sonik is then offered to renovate the toddler car for Tom Hanks. Sonic also states that “The toddler car” was not just for casual driving, it gives a traveling adventure, since it was her first car. Nowadays, the Tiny Fiat 126p cars are rarely seen on Polish roads. The car that is to be sent to Tom Hanks is currently being renovated in Poland.

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