Roborace reveals first autonomous racecar, the DevBot

Images of Roborace DevBot

We are close to the time where Formula E will races will be joined with by a brand-new type of racing series that includes autonomous electrical cars.

DevBot made it’s public debut on August 24 at Formula E’s open session at Donington Park in the UK. The driverless racing series is being established by Roborace and will include futuristic cars designed by Daniel Simon. The company has launched a video of their model tester, merely dubbed DevBot, piloting itself around Silverstone Circuit located in England.

Information stay limited on the vehicle. All automobiles will be mechanical copies, though each group will be able to modify the software and establish their own algorithms and expert systems. Roborace asserts the vehicles will reach speeds of up to 180 mph, though it’s clear from the video that DevBot is not near to those speeds.

During the test run, the driver successfully finished two laps wherein the first lap was completed in autonomous mode, while the second lap, it was intentionally driven manually in the final corner after a safety procedure. Although it is still unclear on when will the actual production version will be observed racing on the track.

Images of Roborace DevBot

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