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Bedford Nissan dealership damaged in Ohio

Speeding car flies off the road and smashes vehicles at Ohio dealership

A speeding car flew off the road, resulting in a violent and deadly crash that wiped out a row of vehicles at a Nissan dealership in Ohio.

The crash was recorded on a surveillance camera. It showed the car lifting off the road and tumbling over the roofs of automobiles at the Bedford Nissan dealership.

The impact was so significant that it dislodged the car’s engine, depositing it on top of one of the smashed dealership automobiles.

The crash took place Saturday around 11:30 p.m. Officials say the driver, Janelle Black, 28, of Cleveland was traveling at high speed when she lost control and the car flew off the road, barreling into the dealership lot.

Black was declared dead at a nearby hospital and there were no other injuries were reported.

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