Automakers find opportunity in electric vans

Toyota Auto Body LCV D-Cargo concept Tokyo Motor Show

In the rush towards electric vehicles, automakers are increasingly sparing an idea for the simple delivery van, a frequently overlooked segment with huge development potential since tightening pollution restrictions in city areas. Given sticking around customer concerns about expense and charging facilities, many in the industry anticipate it will take at least a decade for […]

Toyota is still committed to hydrogen cars

2013 Toyota RAV4 XLE AWD

Toyota Motor stated its solid-state battery technology under advancement could be a “game changer” for electric vehicles, however that does not indicate it is moving away from hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles. Having long promoted fuel-cell vehicles and plug-in hybrids as the most sensible technologies to make cars greener, Japan’s top-selling automaker shocked industry watchers in 2016 […]

Mazda to display its Skyactiv-X technology at the Tokyo Motor Show

Mazda CX-8 images

In the expensive battle among international automakers to develop ever more efficient automobiles, among the most significant developments in internal combustion engine innovation in years seems to be coming from one of the industry’s smaller players. Japan’s Mazda Motor has zoomed past its bigger worldwide competitors to develop an engine which fires up gasoline using […]