October 27, 2020

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    Lewis Hamilton Mercedes W08

    Why Lewis Hamilton deserves huge recognition as he builds a legacy

    There are always debates in the sport when it comes to determining the best individual in each particular field. In basketball, there are discussions about Michael Jordan or LeBron James, whilst in football, it now rages over Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Whilst it doesn’t get as passionate in F1, there is also talk about […]

    1999 Malaysian Grand Prix

    Ferrari to get aero updates to Malaysian GP

    Malaysian GP started from 1999 onward from that time to this time many country champions are participating on it and enjoying the victory. We can expect many changes in Ferrari particularly on its aerodynamic, all the team has already started to concentrate about the next year’s Grand Prix. They are developing and concentrating about SF16-H […]


    Reports – Red Bull using KERS for traction?

    The stories and rumors of Sebastian Vettel‘s success and dominance off lately just keep on emerging and now one more theory has emerged recently. There were rumours some time back in Korea which indicated of a clever, though legal, engine mapping system aboard his Red Bull car that mimics the benefits of banned traction control. […]

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    Grand Prix Go – Speedlux Games

    Driving abilities test, and unlocking the Pro series.


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