October 21, 2020

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    Nokia wins second round of the legal battle against Daimler on patent fees

    Nokia’s legal battle with Daimler over patent licensing fees won backing from a German court on Tuesday as the judge said the German automaker had not made a serious attempt to resolve the problem with the Finnish telecommunications company. The spat highlights a broader battle between tech companies and the car industry over royalties for […]

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    Volkswagen faces same fate as Nokia without urgent reforms, says CEO

    Volkswagen needs to accelerate the reformation of its business to prevent itself from becoming another Nokia, which lost its market dominance in the handset to Apple, the German automaker’s CEO Herbert Diess said. The multi-brand automaker aims to raise its market value to 200 billion euros ($223.10 billion), from around 91 billion currently, by revamping […]


    Nokia suspends legal action against Daimler in the hope of mediation

    Nokia has suspended legal action against Daimler in the hope that mediation will fix their dispute over technology licensing fees. The decision drew a positive response from the German automaker, which reiterated that the two firms had differing legal views on the dispute. Nokia’s pursuit of charges from Daimler has thrown a spotlight on the […]


    Daimler asks EU antitrust regulators to investigate Nokia patents

    Daimler has complained to EU antitrust regulators about Nokia patents important to car communications, a move underlining the tensions between tech firms and the auto industry on the use of major technologies. Tech companies and mobile telecoms providers are playing a significant role in the auto industry, with their technologies utilized in navigation systems, vehicle-to-vehicle […]

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    Bosch to buy five percent stake in mapping company Here

    On Thursday, Bosch revealed that it is purchasing a five percent stake in the mapping and location services company named Here. For doing so, it joins other investors Audi, BMW, Daimler-Benz, and Intel, the automakers having purchased the company for $2.7 billion from Nokia in 2015, with Intel then purchasing a 15 percent stake in […]


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