October 21, 2020

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    Hyundai Motor

    Hyundai makes deliveries of first fuel cell trucks to Switzerland

    South Korean automaker Hyundai on Wednesday presented the first seven hydrogen-powered trucks to consumers in Switzerland, out of 50 such vehicles planned this year to bring zero-emission commercial automobiles to European roads. For the long haul, supporters say hydrogen-powered trucks have an advantage over electric competitors as they have a greater range and need less […]

    Lamborghini Centenario images

    Swiss authorities force cancellation of Geneva car show due to coronavirus

    Automakers were scrambling to reorganize press conferences and car presentations following Swiss authorities forced cancellation of the Geneva car show on Friday in an attempt to contain the coronavirus. Over 160 exhibitors were set to show off their cars and services at the 90th Geneva Motor Show, which was going to start on Monday and […]

    Events & Shows

    Unbelievable! Speeding Swiss millionaire fined $290,000

    Swiss millionaire got a record fine of 299,000 Swiss francs ($290,000) after local police caught him racing through a village at 100 km per hour in his red Ferrari Testarossa. “The accused ignored elementary traffic rules with a powerful vehicle out of a pure desire for speed,” the court said in its judgment of the […]


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