Vladimir Putin says Russia auto market would drop 30-40 percent if no state support

Vladimir Putin with Angela Markel, 2013

Russia’s vehicle market would diminish by 30 to 40 percent present year if it were not receiving state support, Russian news agencies quoted President Vladimir Putin as stating on Saturday. Russian auto sales have been falling for a fourth successive year amidst a weakening domestic economy, a depreciating Ruble currency and lower oil costs. The […]

FSB Batmobile? Vladimir Putin checks monstrous armored ZiL Punisher military truck

Putin February 2016

President of Russia, Vladimir Putin visited Russia’s Federal Security Service to have a look at its latest collection of armored automobiles. That consists of the monstrous and enforcing ZiL Karatel, a red-faced, snub-nosed beast of a thing. While there’s lots of similarity to the Batmobile, Russia Today reports the Karatel’s nickname originates from another comic– […]