What are the best trucks for 2019?

best trucks for 2019

The trucking industry is highly focusing on safety features when producing vehicles, therefore the companies that use fleets to complete their tasks are investing only in the best trucks on the market. When purchasing a new truck, logistics companies will always check the safety features first, because a large truck can get into a fatal accident even if it is driven at a slower pace. The good thing is that over the last years, large ca rs have evolved and they are loaded with multiple features.

The companies that rely on their trucks to complete their activities know that they are working in a competitive industry and they have to take advantage of every chance they have to succeed. Automakers need to meet the requests of the market and to design high-quality vehicles, and they do not fail to do it. The best trucks to drive in 2019 are manufactured by the most famous brands on the market.


Freightliner is a truck manufacturer well-known in the industry for the high-quality of vehicles it produces but also for its extended experience on the market. This brand manufactures trucks that can be used for multiple types of jobs from severe duties to on-highway ones.

The on-highway models include crew cab options, day cab, and a sleeper cab. They have a special model, Cascadia that is designed to be used on regional roads. Freightliner designed the on-highway aerodynamic vehicles to allow the drivers to put the power of the engine to an efficient use.

The medium duty models are designed to transport heavy loads, and they are often used as ambulances and fire trucks. This brand remains unique on the market because it manages to create versatile trucks used in the various industries that need to transport medium loads.

The severe duty models are created to transport the toughest loads and they are challenging to manoeuvre. They are the ones that feature the most safety features. All Freightliner vehicles are thoroughly checked before being sold on the market.


Volvo is a brand famous for both automobiles and transport trucks. The manufacturer has decided to categorise their trucks according to the length of the route, and the majority of their models are for on-highway use. The fleet owners who want to have elegant vehicles always prefer Volvo trucks, because this brand excels when it comes to design. It is considered one of the classiest options on the market. Alongside with the aesthetics, these vehicles also excel at cab amenities.

Volvo trucks are created for the drivers that complete their trips in multiple days. They come with comfortable sleeper cabs; some drivers consider them more comfortable than a hotel room. In addition, they are comfortable to be driven on long distances thanks to their air suspensions. The cabs are very well insulated to protect the driver from outdoor distractions and to conserve energy.

Volvo stands on the market for the diagnosis capabilities their trucks have; they are features that help the drivers stay safe on the roads. The fleets that want to enhance the safety levels for their Volvo trucks install sensor systems on the vehicles. According to the model of truck, they have in their fleet they decide what the right safety solution is. The majority of them choose to enhance the safety features of their trucks with products offered by companies that customise their solutions according to the needs of the fleet.


Kenworth is on the market for more than 90 years but their experience is not the only one that convinces fleet owners to choose the brand. The fact that their trucks come with the latest computer applications and technology makes them remain in the top of drivers’ preferences.

The on-highway trucks are highly aerodynamic and they feature sleeper cabs designed to offer all the amenities drivers need when on long trips. The interface of the navigational technologies from Kenworth trucks functions similar to a mobile phone and the driver can access Google applications with its help.

Kenworth designed multiple models of medium-duty models that can be used for various jobs. In case the fleet owner has specific needs when it comes to their vehicles, Kenworth offers them the possibility to customise the cars. An extra feature these trucks have is the web-based diagnosing tool that helps the drivers identify the source of the problem the truck is experiencing while on the road.


Peterbilt is a well-known manufacturer of trucks and their vehicles can be seen everywhere on the road. When it comes to the features that make them stand out on the market, Peterbilt is focusing on fuel efficiency and safety characteristics. These features are the main ones that influence the life span of the trucks this brand produces.

The truck producer has come up with the Smartlinq remote diagnostic tool that helps drivers maintain their safety when driving. The tool identifies problems the moment they arise and it helps the driver get the car on the road in safety conditions. The trucks also come with a Driver Performance Assistant, a tool experienced-drivers find very useful because it offers them feedback on their performance.


Mack is a famous brand in the truck industry because their trucks transport NASCAR race vehicles. Mack trucks have more features than the majority of drivers need to use, and it is not a severe duty department in which Mack fails to perform. Mack vehicles are practical and their drivers have no problems in accelerating at high speeds even when the truck is fully loaded.

Mack is also unique on the market because they produce trucks with light but sturdy cab frames. When it comes to the safety features Mack trucks have, the manufacturer come with the Guard Dog tool that detects problems before they put the vehicle and driver to danger.

All the above truck manufacturers are an excellent choice when it comes to safe trucks. They are the providers that offer the best trucks in 2019 and promise to meet the various needs fleet owners have.  

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