October 26, 2020

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    Militarily, the month of May 2011 is of great significance for the entire world and for the people of America in specific. Its not just because May is celebrated as the “National Military Appreciation Month” in the US but the feather in the cap, and surely a mighty one at that has been the elimination of the dreaded terrorist Osama Bin Laden during this month. The automotive industry too has not kept itself off the scene and General Motor have extended their offer of the $500 to $4,000 discount scheme for military spouse and retirees on Chevrolet cars though its only some selected models that come under the purview of the offer. Each vehicle sold with a military discount to such families would in addition be having $100 donated to Cell Phones for soldiers. There would also be an “Honor” badge that the family would get on such a purchase.

    There would also be a Camaro SS special edition with the model named ‘Honor and Valor’ which Chevrolet would be debuting along with these discounts and donations. However, there would be just 99 units that Chevrolet will be making of this special edition and its debut is scheduled to be held at the Indianapolis 500 military personnel parade on May 28, 2011. One could place inline orders for the special edition car at the site www.gmmilitarydiscount.com.

    General Motors Chairman and CEO, Dan Akerson says, “We are committed to offering military professionals and their family members the best value in the industry. As a former Navy man, I hold the highest regard for the men and women of our Armed Forces – past and present – who help keep our country safe and preserve our precious liberties.”

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