2012 Audi Q3 Gets New Additional Options

So far Audi has been offering plenty of customization options for the A1. Now it’s time for the new Q3 for which the brand offers the same options. It’s knew that Audi use a lot of grays and blacks on their sedans for executives and families. Well, this time it’s different because the brand wants to liven up its little crossover by using platinum or truffle beige inlays as standard. The Colour and Trim Team have developed additional options for owners that want a boost.

The first new trim piece is a dark brown larch wood inlay. Rosalie Schrader, a team member, said that Audi seeks to give a “strong aesthetic” to both the exterior and interior. To make the car more unique, the wood was left in a more natural state and was somewhat rougher.

The company compared the early wood, which has slightly raised stripes, to the late wood, which is harder and has deeper stripes. If you think that fin wood is too old-fashioned, Audi also offers a 3D aluminum mesh material. This is made from brushed aluminum and stamped with a tiny honeycomb pattern. This mesh is then backed with a white holographic-surfaced material. Head of the Color and Trim Team, Susanne Stobe, said that with this design, Audi hopes to merge two technically sophisticated surfaces in order to build a totally new look.

Source: 4wheelsnews
Image from: Homeautodesign

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  1. Can’t wait until the Q3 is released! thanks for the info on new trim options.

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