2012 Dodge Viper shown to dealers, gets production approval within 5 minutes

It is definitely no new news for you that Chrysler has revealed all its new products that would definitely be admired by onlookers and the set of these admirable vehicles include the new 2011 Chrysler 200, the 2011 Town & Country, the 2011 Jeep Patriot and even the Fiat 500 Sport. By present conditions it seems that Chrysler have had some sort of meeting with dealers and he has not showcased more than 17 new products at the Orlando, Fla. But the news that surprises us is that, the dealers were encountered with the 2012 Dodge Viper in the concept form. And by the launches we know that the new generation of the sports car is extravagant and this launch by Chrysler was easily approved for the production in just 5 minutes.

Even in the store for it, Chrysler launched and showcased the new Dodge Caravan which is now given an all new sporty look and this has even reduced the sort of competition between Town & Country. Even the new Chrysler 300C was also the propaganda in the meeting featuring new exterior and suspension along with a new eight-speed transmission capable of delivering an impressive fuel consumption figure of 30 miles per gallon. This vehicle will also be present in Europe, but with the brand of Lancia.

The all new 2011 Chrysler 200 which is all set to replace the existing Sebring was also one of the many things showed to the dealers and this vehicle is now equipped with a six speed gear box which is capable of delivering the average of 29 miles per gallon which was jointly developed by Chrysler and Fiat. In this board the one known person was the CEO of the Ram brand Fred Diaz and he proclaimed to the dealers that the manufacture of these set of vehicles is like considering a “Baby Ram”, a smaller pickup that is capable of delivering over 30 mpg and comfortably seat four people. He even said his dealers that the limited-edition luxury pickup dubbed Longhorn will soon make its debut at the Texas state fair in the coming two weeks. A modified and a hybrid version of a Jeep pickup truck was the concept that was raised up by the CEO Mike Manley, but even onto it Chrysler did not budge even as it considers a production version.

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