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2012 Toyota RAV4 EV may be produced in California

CEO of tesla Motors, Elon Musk stated that the best market of Tesla is in the USA whereas Japan comes second in the list. Tesla’s Asian counterpart is expecting one third of its global sales in Asia by the year 2015. Musk also stated that the first batch of electrical SUVs that were to be supplied to the Toyota Motor Corp. will be manufactured in the Tesla plant in California which the company recently bought from Toyota & General Motors Co. Musk publicized the outlook along with a dedication to the Tesla store in Tokyo, the first in the Asian continent.

Tesla CEO pointed out the need of global expansion with the company already spreading out its roots in various parts of Europe including Paris, Monaco and London. To magnify the strong bond with Toyota, Musk gifted a Roadster 2.5 of metallic red color to the president of Toyota motors, Mr. Akio Toyoda, in Tokyo.

The car was a special one for both the companies, with the vanity plate reading Mr. Toyoda’s name and the numerical 5-20. This signified the day on which Toyota invested $50 million with Tesla. Toyota had also stated previously that they will make a payment of $60 million more to Tesla for designing a completely electric version of the eccentric car, RAV4, the tiny yet powerful SUV.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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