2013 BMW X1 Starts All-Electric Testing

You could not observe Scooby Doo in this, but it is absolutely the Mystery Machine of BMW!

An electric motorized X1 was marked testing in the Sweden. The model observably has no pipes of exhaust at the rear side, and the spot is completely cosseted by the big diffuser. The law of Europe is state that certain tests motor vehicles require to be properly labeled with “Hybrid Vehicle Test” therefore disaster crews identify how to properly handle them if any mishap, as the batteries pose a risk of security. Stickers do not essentially build this X1 a real hybrid.

One more opportunity is that it is an experiment mule, though there is not much suggestion of this anyplace on the vehicle, as it is a totally stock body you are searching at. The last clue regarding the existence of X1 EV arrives from Fiat 500e. A few have recommended that it was really built as California is forcing makers of auto to obey with its electric car permission. Still, they are glad to observe BMW goes throughout the problem, as no one else has built the CUV with electric so far.

Have a look at picture gallery.

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