October 25, 2020

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    Ford has at last released performance determinations for the 2015 Mustang.

    Initially up, the entrance level model gimmicks a 3.7-liter V6 motor that creates 300 bhp (223 kw) and 280 lb-ft (379 Nm) of torque. This implies the auto is less effective than the 2014 Mustang V6 which baffling most definitely.

    Purchasers searching for a bit additional oomph can decide on the 2.3-liter Ecoboost four-chamber motor that produces 310 bhp (231 kw) and 320 lb-ft (433 Nm) of torque. This is marginally higher than unique gauges that pegged the motor at “more than” 305 bhp (227 kw) and 300 lb-ft (406 Nm) of torque.

    To wrap things up, the Mustang GT’s 5.0-liter V8 motor will wrench out 435 bhp (324 kw) and 400 lb-ft (541 Nm) of torque. This implies the model is more compelling than contenders, for example, the Chevrolet Camaro SS and Dodge Challenger R/T.

    The 2015 Mustang will go at a bargain this fall and be valued from $24,425 (counting objective & delivery charges).


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