2015 Lamborghini Veneno

There are automobile lovers who are so crazy about the vehicles and their styles. Apart from the travelling concept they worship the car for its model, style and comforts. There are several lists available regarding the car’s different features. One of them and the most important of them are the prices. The most expensive cars of the world in 2014 are really awesome in style and mind blowing in its comfort level. The first and the best rated car of this year is Lamborghini Veneno. It costs about 4.5 million dollars. The gorgeous look of this dream wheel is going to set a trend to the car world. It is truly Italian.

Only about 9 pieces are aimed to be manufactured in this year. Its open top and the bat mobile model are breath taking. The light weight model and the 750 hp powered engines are so powerful on the road.

The speed of the car may go up to 221mph. It’s going to shatter the bystander on the road soon.

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