2016 Ford Mustang got only two stars in Australian safety test

2016 Ford Mustang test

As soon as the updated 2016 Ford Mustang has arrived in market there were many controversies about it, stemming from Australian car safety authority. This authority analyzed this model performance thoroughly and found that it is just worth to get only two stars. In a car advice report they clearly stated that due to the lack of safety measures, the car got just 2/5. Mustang got bad braking system this is the first drawback of it.

When the Euro NCAP has done the test they found that even air bags on this Mustang are not worthy. James Goodwin, the CEO of NCAP has mentioned in report that during this test both the driver and front passenger dummies got hit. When the air bags has not enough the driver and passenger may end up in getting severe hit in steering or dashboard. Frontal test only help the team to learn about the risks, normally on this test leg, chest and head injury chances have been calculated by authority.

Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) gives more importance to the passenger safety based on that only marks are given to every model. Doors are also got opened on this side pole test again this improves the risk of driver; safety system should be given good care by the manufacture. Ford representative mentioned that the model which they launch in 2018 may include all the things which are lack in Mustang. Customers can expect maximum safety measures like distance alert, driver alert system, lane departure signs, pedestrian detection and lane assist.

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  1. The test is pretty ridiculous, for example taking off points for things like the rear seatbelts not having an unbuckled chime, and lack of automatic proximity breaking. The thing is, most people who would drive a Mustang don’t want the car babysitting them, and you can drive perfectly safely without them.

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