2017 Holden Commodore to be a Chinese-built front-wheel drive sedan with a four-cylinder engine

According to recent reports from Australia, the next-generation Holden Commodore will likely be built in China.

Details are limited as of now but rumors suggest Holden and Buick have had an agreement to share a sedan based on the 2017 Commodore. Holden was set to do the designing part of the car, while production would take place in Australia and China. However, GM’s decision to end Holden production in Australia means the model could be solely produced in China.

Little is known about the car itself but the report from News Corp Australia states that it will be a front-wheel drive sedan with a four-cylinder engine. However Holden employees are now reportedly fighting for an optional V6 engine.

We have also got insider information that the next-generation Commodore will feature European-inspired styling with a lower roofline and a sleeker profile. It will reportedly be offered exclusively as a sedan that measures approximately five meters (16.4 feet) long.

We will have to wait for more details to be revealed and we can expect the same to happen soon.

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