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5 Things You Should Have in Your Car Trunk

While driving, you feel a nudge in your steering wheel that was not supposed to be there in the first place. So, you park by the curb and pop up the hood. There was nothing wrong there. You check out your tyres and find a hole in one of them. Your trunk yields nothing to help you fix it. Not a wrench, and not even a jack. Worse, you are miles away from your destination. What can you do then?

A car breaks down when you least expect it. So, when you buy tyres online, you need to ensure that those are not the only ones in the trunk of your car. What good is a spare tyre when you do not have the tools to replace it. A vehicle owner should be a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to having an automobile. You have to admit that your ride will not be in tip-top condition all the time, especially if it is as old as time. It would help if you had the know-how, the knowledge to fix it, and the essential instruments to get it done.  

A spare tyre, tyre jack, and an iron

Flats happen at the most inopportune time. Auto clubs have roadside assistance plans which are just a call away. Some cars bring along a tyre repair kit. But if your phone signal fails you or you do not have the time to walk to the nearest car shop, then replacing the damaged one by yourself should be your best option. 

Whether you buy tyres online or not, the most important thing in your stash is these three things. A spare tyre is useless if you did not bring any of the other two, and vice versa. You cannot replace a car tyre with your bare hands. And having a tyre jack and iron but no tyre on standby is pointless. As long as you have all these in your car, you can change the tyre even if there is no one around to help you.

A first aid kit

You never know if your car trouble is minor or severe. A hand would sometimes come out unscathed. But mostly, you would have small burns or cuts from figuring out the problem. To ensure that a wound does not cause complications, you should have a first aid kit in your car at all times. It should have a variety of bandages, alcohol or antiseptic, scissors, surgical tape, antibiotic or cleansing ointment, tweezers, and a good burn soother. 

Jumper cables

There are many reasons why your engine fails to start. But one of the most common causes is a dead battery. Maybe the battery is already old, or the headlights were left on a couple of times by mistake. Whatever the reason, jumper cables can jumpstart a car back to life, at least until the next auto shop comes into sight. 

Reflectors and a flashlight

When you need an emergency roadside repair in the daytime, you will still see what you are doing. But when your car predicament happens at night, how safe will you be? You may need a flashlight (or a strong, steady light) to be able to peer into the depths of your engine problems. 

Also, when you are parked by a curb, you need to make sure that other motorists and pedestrians see you and your vehicle. Flares or triangular reflectors are the best tools to warn them that your car is stationary. The signs are a warning for them so that they do not hit you in the dark. 

Emergency car parts

There are times when you may need other small parts for a reason. Travelling in extreme weather conditions may damage some parts of your car. Having a spare radiator cap, fuses, accessory belts, and some wiper blades may benefit you when you need to replace some of them during your ride. Old spark plugs and air filters that are not too worn out can be saved for an emergency. Have a toolbox with screws, nuts, bolts, and other tools for quick replacements. These will be enough to last you a trip to the next town or the subsequent car repair shop. 

A car trunk is big for a reason. Most of the time, it is full of things that your car does not need. So it would be best if you had spares and tools at the back of your trunk to save your trip in times of emergencies.

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