6 Reasons Why You Should Know Your VIN

VIN number

Whatever has restrained you from the acquaintance with your car unique number, it’s a high time for it! There is no need to tense up: when we start enlisting the arguments, you’ll realize its importance yourself.  


  1. As we mentioned above, each VIN is one-of-a-kind. Just as ID card, the code stores much valuable information on the vehicle it belongs to. Don’t even try to find the exact same character selection.


  1. Want to reveal all secrets that your auto might hide? Well, make a decoding of its number, and you’ll know at least everything, what concerns technical aspects and characteristics (make, model, manufacturer, engine type, and other important details). Dozens of online services will gladly provide you with these data, absolutely free of charge. Sure thing, you can decipher all this stuff yourself. Then study thoroughly special charts (assigned values used in them may vary, depending on the make and model).


  1. There is also one more option: a 17-digit VIN allows you to obtain a customized history report and avoid buying a salvage or rebuilt title car. A profound vehicle report, as a rule, contains all records necessary to track everything that ever happened in your car’s (present or potential) life: possible damages and/or thefts, registrations, past usage, etc.


  1. By the way, you can also learn, whether the auto is pre- or post- 1981 made. The thing is that VIN characters got the 17-digit length only in 1981. All prior numbers were considerably shorter.


  1. Use your VIN to know, if the vehicle occurs to have any recalls. The information about all possible defects has always been quite valuable, hasn’t it? So, be proactive and find out as much as possible.


  1. There have been cases, when scammers replaced the VINs of stolen cars with that legally registered. If you know VIN characters, you won’t need to spend much time to check their consistency: just take the numbers, mentioned in all possible documents and places, then compare — it should be one and the same. Good luck!

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