650 HP Supercharged Boss 302 Mustang by Hennessey Performance Tested On Dyno [Video]

If you’re courious to see what a 563-rear-wheel-horsepower 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 can do, we can help you because here is the latest Boss 302 tested on dyno and filmed!

Although 2012 Mustang Boss 302 is pretty much perfect as-is and we can hardly find a defect at this car, Hennessey Performance team decided that isn’t good enough and came with an upgrade for this already perfect car.

On this car, Hennessey has installed an Eaton TVS2300 supercharger system under the hood and turned up the boost to 10 psi. After running the car on their in-house dyno, Hennessey says that the car makes 563 rwhp and 475 rwtq. The new car comes with an increase of nearly 120 hp and 100 lb-ft over the standard car. And it’s mostly due to the sophisticated supercharger Hennessey has designed.

Finally, for everybody who wish to pump up a little more from their 2012 Mustang Boss 302 (Laguna Seca models included), Hennessey will be offering an HPE650 upgrade as an installed kit available with a 3-year / 36,000 mile warranty. An HPE700 package could also be in the works.

The HPE650 Boss 302 upgrade package will cost $15,995. On top of the package, this price also covers professional installation, dyno tuning, serialized dash and engine plaques, and a 3 year / 36,000 mile warranty.

Finally, the added options that come with the package also carry individual price tags with the carbon fiber front racing splitter priced at $2,500, the Hennessey monoblock wheels going for $5,500, and the mounting kit for non-Laguna Seca models costing $750.

Source: Hennessey Performance via MustangsDaily

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