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7 Recommend Questions to Ask Your Dealer When Buying a New Car

Nothing is easier than overthinking when you want to buy a new car, especially if you spent most of your life purchasing used automobiles. It isn’t like buying a house. But it isn’t like buying a smartphone either.

Simply put, buying a new car can take less than a few hours when you know yourself.

When purchasing a new car, you may be wondering about questions to ask your car dealer. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or this is your first visit to a dealership, there are a few things you need to know before you go. It’s a smart move to ask the right questions about the vehicles. No matter their nature. They can be very specific or general, but don’t be afraid to ask those questions regardless of your automobile knowledge level. Not to mention that you can also bring someone with you for more confidence at the shop. The key is to ask the right questions. We’ve listed some of the most important, and we firmly believe that’s about right for most new-car shoppers.

Ask yourself first: Do you really need a new car?

Before you enter the closest car dealership, it’s crucial to have a clear idea of what car you want, how much you’re able to spend and whether you actually need a new car or not. 

We’d say that many car owners, holding onto a car with modern safety features and that’s all paid off is a better deal than throwing yourself on the first offer. However, sometimes you want a fresh set of wheels or a top-notch infotainment technology which means you need a larger car.

Then, of course, a new car might be the ticket. But make sure you think this one all the way through. Take one decision point: If your old vehicle is obviously costing you more than it’s worth annually repairs and keep running, a new car is definitely worth your consideration. 

What are the Car’s Safety Features?

When shopping for a new car, safety should be your number one priority. While safety ratings are a valuable tool to look at, you should also consider the car’s safety features. In today’s fast-paced world becoming more knowledgeable about advanced safety systems and making sure any car you are considering has the technology you want, is imperative. 

It’s not a surprise that different car manufacturers call systems such as automatic emergency braking by different names – this can be quite confusing and often leads to buying mistakes. Pay attention and ask your questions, right!  

Can I Test Drive This on the Highway?

When asking for a test drive, make sure you drive the automobile in an environment that you normally drive-in. For instance, if you happened to do a lot of highway driving, then take the car out there. In case you do a lot of stop-and-go driving, then you should be doing that. 

For one, so you don’t test-drive the car in one environment, and it’s fantastic, just find out you don’t like the way transmission bucks when you speed up and other kinds of things. 

Can I Test Drive a Used Version of the Car?

Another thing you can do when you show up to test drive is to ask to drive a used version of the automobile you want. It goes with that’s saying that every car’s drive is nice and smooth when it’s brand new, but you need to understand at least 2 or 3 years in, what is it going to be like driving that car? Are you still going to love it? Perhaps the Kansas City car dealerships are going to have a two-year-old version of the car that you can drive. 

Try to drive-test that one and see if it feels solid enough. Does it still meet all of your needs? Do you still enjoy it? Because that’s the automobile that you’re going to be driving for years, and you need to understand what that’s like. 

What Incentives Are You Offering?

If you never ask, you’ll never know. New car buyers should ask about current incentives, which one can be combined and how long they are available. 

As you may know, there are specific incentives that you only receive if you lease and others that you can only get if you pass through the producer’s own finance company. Learning about the compatibility of those incentives is critical. Sometimes there will be dealer and factory incentives that aren’t advertised, and some happen to be advertised at the end of the month when a model is high in inventory and dealers have to get rid of. 

Can You Come Down on the Price?  

Today, when it comes to time to purchase a new vehicle, we really do have a lot working in our favour. We have the resources at our disposal, deals, factory discounts, a myriad of websites – the whole gamut. When buying a new car, most consumers are pretty well informed. But can they wheel and deal with a professional? 

Although fabrics issue a Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price with each car, experienced buyers will plan and ask to negotiate below this number. With that said, you can research the car’s invoice price – the price the dealership probably paid for the vehicle. With “holdbacks” and incentives factored in, most car shops will have room to bring a deal closer to the invoice price.

Will You Take My Existing Car as a Trade-in?

If you currently own a car and plan on getting rid of it, you can ask your dealer if they will consider it a valuable trade-in. In doing so, it will not only help pay for your likely new vehicle, but it also saves you from the hassle of having to sell your existing car on your own. 

Trading-in your current vehicle, can help you receive a better price if your trade-in is similar to the types of cars the dealer currently stocks. 

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