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8 BMW Modifications and Upgrades You Should Consider

Car modifications enable your vehicle to stand out from the rest. They make your car differ in performance and appearance from generic stock cars from the same manufacturer. Car modifications include three broad categories, performance, functional, and cosmetic or aesthetic changes. While properly chosen car modifications and upgrades can significantly enhance your BMW‘s overall performance and physical appearance, improper modification, part installation or poor quality modifications can adversely impact the vehicle’s health and safety.

Most performance modifications can void your engine warranty and could be illegal. Seek professional advice before making any significant changes to your vehicle. Below are eight BMW modifications and upgrades you should consider.

  1. Replace the car’s original trim with carbon fiber interior trim

Technological innovations have revolutionized the automobile manufacturing industry. There’s a recent trend involving lightweight materials such as carbon fiber vehicle interior design. The carbon fiber materials make your vehicle more efficient with fuel, lighter, and safer. Pure carbon thread is woven into these laminates, making them sturdy. Today, only high-performance race vehicles are entirely made of carbon fiber because they depend on the fast speed and acceleration, increasing their production time, effort, and ultimately, price.

Since most car owners find their appearance quite impressive, they use the material for cosmetic applications. With a BMW carbon fiber interior trim overlay kit from reliable vendors like Monaco Motorsports, you can replace your car’s original trim to give it a sporty look. You can add the carbon laminate trim on the steering wheel, paddle shifters, front dashboard, and side door inserts.

  1. Door projector lights

Door projector lights, especially the innovative BMW LED projectors, are an excellent way to raise the style bar. They offer unique experiences when leaving or entering your vehicle. These LED door projectors automatically activate whenever you open the doors to project an image on the ground near the car through an interchangeable slide. There are different motifs to select from to ensure perfect illumination of the entry area in a unique style. BMW LED projectors come in three motifs and a BMW logo, and the image is usually visible even in low light. They also have two door projectors and slides with different images. The LED lights are optimally suitable for the onboard power supply.

  1. Suspension upgrades

Suspension upgrades improve daily comfort and performance. Suspension upgrades directly replace your vehicle’s stock shocks and struts with adjustable compression, rebound dampening, and ride height settings. This lets you fine-tune your comfort and performance levels to meet your goals. Your choice depends on what you want in your suspension upgrade. You can pick a more comfortable system for everyday driving or one that gives you improved performance on the track. 

  1. BMW wheels and tires

Upgrading wheels and tires is an easy and excellent way to improve your vehicle’s performance. You can upgrade your wheels without changing suspension components with the right width and offset amount. This lets you maintain proper alignment and geometry angels while giving you a more aggressive look. Tires and wheels are an excellent way to boost your BMW’s performance and look. Larger, wider tires and wheels can provide better street or track performance. They also increase traction, braking, and handling while adding to your BMW’s robust look.

  1. Performance brake pads

Thanks to the mass production of affordable vehicles, braking systems are usually built well enough for average drivers while keeping costs down. High-performance brakes are fitted to costlier, high-performing cars, and some feature more upgraded braking system components from exotic materials. New braking system technologies support them. Weight is fuel economy, performance, and handling’s enemy, and manufacturers do all they can to make light vehicles.

Aluminum brake calipers in high-performance braking systems are a great way to reduce your car’s mass. You may also consider brake rotors from carbon-ceramic to improve your braking performance because they’re lightweight, their service life is long, resistant to brake fade and thermal fatigue, and they perform more consistently and powerfully in motorsport and race track use. Since carbon-ceramic rotors are expensive, you may consider cast iron ones, cross-drilled or slotted, and more affordable.

  1. Headlight upgrades

Headlight upgrades improve road illumination for clear visibility. Using BMW adaptive LED headlights, use diodes to illuminate roads. They emit more light, increasing visibility even in low light. Adaptive LED lights pivot in the direction you’re driving toward, making it easier to see around corners and curves. They have a sensor for detecting oncoming traffic, enabling light dimming, so they don’t blind other drivers, enhancing safety.

These headlights automatically adjust to various situations, so you aren’t constantly fiddling with light controls. This lets you concentrate on the road, not headlight settings. Some BMW adaptive LED headlights include curve-adaptive headlights, cornering lights, automatic high beams, and full adaptive LED headlights. When picking BMW adaptive LED headlights, consider cost, your BMW model, and driving needs.

  1. Air intake systems and exhaust

One of the vital car modification goals is adding more power to your vehicle. You can significantly increase your BMW’s horsepower by bettering the engine airflow. Installing a cold air intake system is an effective and affordable way to ensure better airflow.

Cool air is denser and has more oxygen. This means more fuel burning better in the cylinders, moving quickly to make your car faster. A cold air intake system doesn’t need a lot of expertise. You can also install a supercharger or a turbocharger, but installing it is pricier and more complicated. Investing in a performance exhaust modification system with a bigger pipe promotes airflow and ensures a better roaring sound.

  1. Lower bumper lip

A bumper lip changes your BMW’s appearance without spending much time and money. Consider getting an unpainted lip you can paint to match your BMW’s color or a carbon fiber bumper lip. These tips may have double-sided tape, but drilling holes can help secure the lip. Failure to secure the lip may cause it to come off the soonest you touch other objects.


Car modifications are an excellent way to improve performance and aesthetics. Consider these BMW modifications and upgrades for your vehicle.    

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