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Alternative Car Insurance in North America

Next to snakes, shopping for car insurance is probably one of the biggest nightmares for a good many people. Not only are you being lured into a massive, heavyweights led market, no, you’ll also be harassed with offers the instant you start looking. 

Think about it! You know about 5 – 7 car insurers, right? Well, there are over 500 American Auto Insurance companies.

And how about all these ads that appear out of nowhere when you begin your search?  They promise to reduce your rate to a fraction of what other insurers would charge, if only you click on that irresistible offer. It’s obviously a trick; you simply can’t get car insurance for $19.99 a month in North America. 

If you ever had a lapse in insurance, or have too many at-fault accidents on your record, it can get tricky to get auto insurance at a decent rate. We did a sneaky test and collected a few quotes. One insurance apparently had a promotion going for just $15,000 for six months. We weren’t trying to insure a Chiron. A 2012 Nissan is all we wanted coverage for.

So what do you do if you are considered “uninsurable”? Google  “car insurance for the uninsurable”! We did, and astonishing results came up. Apparently, independent car insurance providers do exist!

The first advertisement for a small and unknown insurance company we called, lowered our rate for the 2012 Nissan to $160 monthly. All the other heavyweights in the industry quoted us more like $300 – $500. 

This whole thing got us curious, and we wondered how this is handled in other countries? So we checked the States, Canada and Mexico. Here’s what we found.


Although Ocean Harbor Insurance Company currently only operates in Florida and California, they explain the different types of coverage very well on their website. They have an extensive FAQ section where questions like “What is the difference between Collision and Comprehensive coverage for my automobile?” are being answered.

You get to talk to a real person rather than an “agent” whose sole goal is to take all your money. We highly recommend looking up independent brokers in your area, even if you’re not “uninsurable.”

They seem to have more leeway in customizing the rate to your needs. Why stick with the usual when better options could be out there?


The same rules apply in Canada. Your driving record makes it or breaks it. Canada has only 200 providers to choose from, and quite a chunk of them are subsidiaries of the big American players.  

If you search locally, you might find companies you’ve never heard of. BrokerLink offers Alberta auto insurance, but they are not restricted to the Alberta region. 

Their FAQ’s are even more comprehensive and give you a ton of details to consider before you even go car shopping. They act as a broker, meaning they shop around for deals and promotions to lower your rate yet still provides excellent coverage.

They’ve been around for decades, and we really love that everything can be done online when it comes to filing a claim or customer support. Their network of providers is always growing, so you know you have the latest and greatest.


Interestingly, a lot of American and Canadian insurances don’t cover you if you travel South. Check first before you run into surprises at the border. You might need additional coverage.

If your provider doesn’t include travel to Mexico, there are “mexborder.com” or “esurance,” both American companies, with an extensive coverage area and decent terms. 

If you prefer a local provider, “mexpro.com” is the largest Mexican one with English speaking representatives and a highly professional website.

Final Thoughts 

Car insurance is a sore subject for new car owners. Especially if you don’t have a record yet or an unfortunate one, so don’t think they’re all the same! Pencil in some screen time and research away! You won’t regret it. 

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