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Atlanta: Victims chased by robbers in their own car

Atlanta cops are looking for armed burglars who held up a guy and his fiance in Midtown. The victims state the robbers even chased them in their own automobile.

A Hall County couple parks on Peachtree Circle as soon as a month when arranging events in Midtown Atlanta.

One of the victims informed Channel 2’s Matt Johnson 2 armed robbers virtually took him away from his 2-year-old kid.

“I just kept telling them please don’t shoot us. We got a kid,” the victim stated.

He does not wish to be determined, however states right before midnight two gunmen assailed him and his future wife.

The victim states the robbers took off towards Peachtree Street in his Pittsburgh Steelers Nissan Sentra.

“They took out and reversed and began coming towards us, and I told her please run as quick as you can or I’m going to get shot,” he stated.

As the couple ran toward an Exxon gas station, they said the robbers rolled down the window and shot.

All the victims heard were 3 clicks before the burglars drove away.

Next-door neighbors think burglars are pertaining to the Ansley Park neighborhood for a factor.

“I think this need to be a targeted area for some reason I guess. They believe there’s money out here,” one next-door neighbor said.

The victim hopes his car shows up and states he will have to discover a new place to park.

The suspects wore kerchiefs on their faces as well as stole a costly electronic camera, a handbag, wallets and a phone.

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