Australia new car sales dropped in February

2017 Holden Commodore Motorsport Limited Edition

Australian new auto sales decreased in February even as sales of sport utility vehicles outmatched those of passenger cars for the first time ever.

The Australian Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries’ VFACTS report revealed 89,025 new vehicles sold in February, drop of 7.7 percent on the same month last year. February this year had one less selling day compared to last year.

Sales of SUVs fell 3.7 percent on last year, however took 39.9 percent of the marketplace just ahead of passenger automobiles which suffered a high 12.2 percent decrease.

Sales of light commercial automobiles dropped 5.6 percent, where as sales in the heavy vehicle market fell 9.7 percent.

Toyota Motor maintained top place on the sales ladder with 18.3 percent of the industry. Mazda Motor had another good month taking 11.1 percent.

Hyundai Motor ranked third with 7.9 percent, ahead of Mitsubishi with 6.5 percent. General Motors’s Holden and Ford Motor held 6.4 percent.

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