Bentley Announces Financial Results for 2012

Bentley Motors recently made an announcement with respect to the sales of the vehicles for the calendar year ended 2012. Now the company has announced its financial results for the year ended 2012.

The results of the company are quite impressive with the operating profit of €100.5 million as against mere €8 million during the year ended 2011. The turnover of the company has increased by approx 30% as compared to previous year and its profit margin by 7%.

The total turnover achieved by the company for 2012 was €1.269 billion and its market share in the luxury market has increased to around 20% as against just around 5% in the previous year ended 2011.

The company has delivered around 8,500 cars in 2012 and also there were increase in the deliveries in the start of the year 2013 and the deliveries increased by around 39% as compared to 2011.

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