October 28, 2020

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    Images of Bentley Continental GT Speed

    While BMW and Mercedes are aiming to connected vehicle technology to deliver live traffic and congestion reports, high-end automaker Bentley wishes to use apps to remotely fill gas tanks.

    Prior to the most current generation of electric automobiles rolls on to dealership forecourts, the term ‘range anxiety’ was one used solely by owners of such automotive exotica as V12 Ferraris and Lamborghinis, the 2004-2006 Ford GT and obviously Bentleys. The present generation Continental GT Speed returns just 11 mpg on the United States combined cycle. Now Continental GT owners– and Mulsanne, Flying Spur and Bentayga drivers– will be able to rest simple understanding that whenever they enter their ferociously powerful luxury automobiles, the fuel needle will constantly be on full.

    And that’s due to the fact that the brand is collaborating with tech start-up Filld on an app-enabled fuel delivery service.

    Releasing as a trial in California, Bentley’s clients will have to do little bit more than grab their smart devices in order to top up their tanks. And since it is a connected automobile service, owners simply need to select an appropriate time. Filld will be able to find the automobile without assistance and access the tank without the owner supplying the keys. As gimmicky as this brand-new service may sound, it is totally on trend.

    As life becomes more stressful and linked, the definition of luxury is moving from one based in convenience to one focused on time. Spare time is now the supreme comfort and one that premium car business are endeavoring to exploit.

    ” We are constantly investigating ways in which to offer our consumers customized, hassle-free, clever services that manage them the greatest luxury of all: more time,” stated Bentley’s Director of Product and Marketing, Christophe Georges.

    The brand-new service also reveals that the age of the linked vehicle might usher in numerous novel ideas beyond merely up-to-the-minute traffic news or remotely shutting down the house thermostat. “Our Connected Car strategy will continue to broaden and innovate in order to further improve the Bentley way of life,” stated Georges. “Bentley ownership has to do with more than just the car, it’s the whole luxury experience.”


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