BMW 330i Coupe gets fresh lease of live, as the E46 Pickup Truck

The E46-based modern El Camino is a clear representation of how fanatic one can get, and in this case it is a fanatic of the members from E46fanatics forum. The other very interesting aspect about this creation is the price. Just $10,000 in total cost is what the project comes to.

The member of the forum by id bodycustom1 had initially just decided to repair the E46 330i while using a ZHP Performance package. His father it appears came into the scene and gave him an idea which formulated into what we see and hold in awe as of now.

The bed was not retained from the old car and therefore the project now has a more fabricated and streamlined body with a custom rear window, shortened sunroof track, and BMW gas cap integrated into the shortened bed.

BMW fans and ardent ones at that may call this creation a case of failure but then the car which was going to the crusher has sure been given a real lease of life and a lovely one at that.

Source: carscoop

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