BMW test driver crashes an i8 prototype in Germany

Recently in an unfortunate accident, a BMW i8 prototype was crashed by one of the company’s test drivers on the A 92 near Freising in Germany.

The local Police Chief Commissioner stated that the main reason for the accident taking place was the excessive speed at which the driver was driving which combined with a slippery road that caused the 30-year-old driver to lose control of the i8 prototype. As per the witnesses and investigators the prototype hit the median barrier and eventually stopped on the right side of the road.

If we go by the pictures and the reports, chances are the vehicle is a complete write-off as a result of the extensive suspension and wheel damages. Talking about the price, this particular prototype was said to be worth around 200,000 EUR since it had the full suite of testing equipment on-board.

Talking about accidents, a BMW i3 was recently involved in a minor accident several days ago in Aalsmeerderbrug, The Netherlands. It was rear-ended by a Seat Altea XL which sustained considerably bigger damages than the i3 which managed to escape only with a few minor scratches.

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