Bugatti Veyron: how not to park the mighty supercar

Well this piece of news is surely going to take you by surprise. You would obviously feel surprised if you come to know that a person has handed a super car over to a parking attendant to park it. And when you come to know that the car is as good as Bugatti Veyron, rather the best in the world you are surely going to surprised by the carelessness of the owner. We really think a lot of care should be bestowed upon a car that costs you millions of dollars to own one.

This piece is about a recent incident in Harrod’s London where a particular parking attendant was asked to perform a simple parallel parking move on the Bugatti by the car’s owner. Now this attendant messed it all up in probably one of the most testing time of his career. The primary reason behind this is that he had no idea of how to park this car. These lacks of skills cost him his job.

Firstly he needs an indefinitely long time to simply park a car parallel to the next one and secondly while performing this maneuver he mounts the curb with this multi million dollar car. Confused and frightened his other efforts to park the car also went in vain. We suggest that he should have stopped at that very moment when he had already mounted the curb. Further attempts turned out to be even worse as he manage to scrape the wheels of this car as well.

We would say that his efforts were brave though they went in vain. The moral of the story : If you own a car as much as Bugatti Veyron’s worth we would suggest leave it in a safe pair of hands to park it. Think about your wonder car and the efforts you have put in to buy this one. You don’t want yourself to be lazy in parking a car of Bugatti’s might and would like to park it yourself. In this way though if something or the other gets the car damaged you would have no one but yourself to blame.

Source: topspeed

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