Cadillac Developing A New Flagship Car Beyond XTS

It was supposed to mark a change in style and looks, the 2003 Cadillac, but that was not to be. Not that it lacked in looks but with no stunning effects upon it the car only spoke about the future of Cadillac without making any big waves all through 2008 and 2009.

The design of the 2003 Cadillac is now expected to be the building block for the new flag ship that Cadillac is in the process of building.  Its design was also taken in part for the XTS and that one has been received warmly by the public who have witnessed it in real.

The flag ship for Cadillac on the building block is expected to be a bigger version than its XTS. It should be similar to the V12 powered halo model instead of the big twelve port engine and in line with the XLS project that Cadillac had shelved in 2008.

Engine powering the car could be any from a turbo V6 to LS v8. There is even speculation that GM may look at a hybrid engine in line with the XTS Platinum concept. By contour the car may have a long hood, coupe like cabin and sleek rounded proportions so that it supports the theme of being flagship. It could also be shedding the round rear look to a more conventional sedan profile.

The entire specification as of now is just speculation for the car is not even on the drawing boards as yet but locked in the mind of Cadillac’s designer team. It’s a wait watch approach that has to be taken as of now.

Source: motorauthority

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