Parts and technology sharing likely between BMW and Saab

Bloomberg News in its columns has once again written about the possible sharing of parts and technology between BMW AG and Saab. They claim their information to be from two authentic sources. New about this joint collaboration had first been reported by the  Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri.

The sources requested anonymity as the discussions are yet at preliminary stages. The negotiations as of now stand where BMW would supply the requirements for Saab engines and transmissions. Saab on its part would use the BMW platforms for its cars. The source has indicated a time frame of two months for the negotiations to reach a deal after which there would be an official announcement to this effect.

The shape of the car would in probability resemble that of a tear drop. The Saab 92 model that was produced between 1949 to 1956 was of a similar design and must be where the present designers are drawing their inspiration from.

Saab as we all know has been taken over by last February from General Motors Co. Cutting off old ties with GM; Saab is now making preparation for restarting its production for the past three months. Spyker CEO Victor Muller gave a hint of the impending collaboration when he said in an interview with Bloomberg that they, Saab were looking for sources to share technology which could lead to cost reduction.

Muller’s statement has also been corroborated by an official statement from Saab which indicates their search for a collaborating source without naming or giving any specifics. The official statement also indicated that a smaller than 9-3 Saab is not in their present agenda but could be one for the future.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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