The Car Collector’s Estate that costs a cool $35 million

Here’s the news you need to listen up, if you own or have collected 35 world class cars and you have no idea where to pile them up then architect Steve Hermann have an answer to your query. By his plan he would build you a 15,000 sq-ft house sporting a 35 car garage for the heavy price of $35 million which will be an ultimate car collector’s estate located in Montecito, California.

And yes the 35 car garage is not the same old primitive kind of garage; it is much like an automotive gallery. All the things in this estate is made of a class, with the walls and the pillars of the estate covered in extravagant glass panes which is seen to spread on the 3.5 acres of rolling hills and they are seen to be sharing the space with old ancient oak trees. And this massive place includes massive neighbors as well which include people like Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Martin, Jeff Bridges, and John Cleese.

With all these facilities like a good place and super famous neghbours it really seems to be condition of high status in society, and even with the architectural design of the estate and a top collections of automobiles, then what on earth can be more attractive? You can enjoy the pinnacle of luxury along with top of the line automobile collection with a pay of $35 million.

And for now let us just hope that this estate comes with lots and lots of curtains…

Source: topspeed

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