Person offered $200 in compensation as car engulfed after Walmart oil change

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Joshua Nesbitt went in for an oil change and saw his car destroyed by fire.

The incident took place at a Walmart in College Park and the store is declining to pay for the damage. 

Channel 2’s Justin Gray interviewed Nesbitt who stated that the car’s engine burned up. But he said all Walmart is providing him $200 in compensation.

“Just total shock. I mean, I went for a routine oil change, next thing you know my car is gone,” Nesbitt stated. 

Nesbitt couldn’t do anything but observe and record what was occurring, on his cellphone. His 2012 Nissan Altima was caught in flames in the Walmart parking lot.

Nesbitt stated he went to the Walmart Auto Center on Old National Highway for his routine oil change and on the way home, he found the car smoking.

When he popped the hood, he caught pictures of the oil cap missing and called Walmart.

“The only reason I went up there because they were telling they had to see the car, see what was going on and no one from there told me, ‘Do not get into the car,’” Nesbitt stated. 

Nesbitt lives one-sixth of a mile from Walmart.

In a letter from Walmart’s insurer, they can give only $200 in compensation to Nesbitt.

Nesbitt stated they told him the fire would not have occurred if he had not driven back that .6 miles 

“Just totally outrageous. Me, going for a routine oil change and next thing you know, I’m getting the blame put on me. It’s mind-boggling,” Nesbitt stated. 

A Walmart representative informed Gray that they are working to get information regarding this incident. 

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